Monday 2nd Treasure Hill


Monday 2nd Treasure Hill
1st Colin Lane (10) 36 points
2nd Charles Domingo (18) 33 points
3rd Les Hall (24.5) 31 points
4th Geoff Parker (18.2) 30 points
Near Pins
Jimmy Carr, Les Hall, Colin Lane, Arnie.
A good turnout of seventeen golfers made their way to Treasure Hill for the first game of the month, however not all seventeen finished the round. After about seven holes the heavens opened, the rain tumbled down and the thunder and lightning had players and caddies alike in fear for their safety. One particular lightning strike was so close you could feel the fizz in the air. The combination had a few scrambling for the safety of the clubhouse, however, most hardy souls took shelter till it passed and continued play in light rain.
Treasure Hill is a challenging course at the best of times made tougher by the prevailing weather, despite that the course was in excellent condition. The winner on the day was Colin Lane playing his last round of his current visit before departing back to Perth later at night. Charles Domingo took second with thirty-three points, Les Hall took third with thirty-one and fourth place went to Geoff Parker. Near pins went Arnie, Colin, Les, and Jimmy.

Khaow Kheow.
1st Michael Brett (16) 37 points
2nd Geoff Parker (15) 30 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (16) 29 points.
Near Pins
Neil Carter x 2
Jimmy Carr 1
Geoff Parker 1.
Due to torrential monsoonal overnight rain that lasted into the morning, today’s round at Khaow Kheow was canceled, however by about nine thirty the rain abated and after a quick ring around a group of hardy souls was assembled to play. The course was in remarkably good condition, drainage worked a treat and the sandy soil meant there was no casual water on the course. A decision was made to apply the pick, clean, and place which was a good decision as there were a few plugged balls. The air was heavy so the course played long with no run. Light rain fell as we teed off but soon gave way to mild pleasant conditions with no further rain till the close of play. The course was relatively empty so play was brisk but not rushed.
The winner on the day was Michael Brett who carded a respectable thirty-seven despite three wipes. An unusual event occurred on the back nine when the winner had two consecutive wipes followed by two consecutive birdies, anyone who can explain this variation is welcome to provide the answer, a free beer awaits. Second place went to Geoff Parker with thirty points while Jimy Carr brought up the rear with twenty-nine.
Despite having an uncharacteristic poor round Neil Carter managed to snare two near pins with one each to Jimmy and Geoff. As we are now deep into monsoon season its fair to expect that we will encounter similar weather conditions for the next month to six weeks.

Friday 6th Oct
1st Les Cobban (7) 36 points
2nd Les Hall (25) 36 points
3rd Alan Sullivan (15) 35 points
Near Pins
Les Coban x 2, Geoff Parker, Jimmy Carr.
Today’s round at the difficult Emerald course started out in bright sunshine but by the second green the rain started to fall and became increasingly heavy requiring a break from play for about fifteen minutes. Throughout the front nine rain continued to fall making conditions miserable. By the time we reached the back nine rain had stopped but by then everyone was drenched and the course sodden. Despite the difficult conditions Les Cobban played some remarkable golf including a couple of birdies to take the chocolates with a round of thirty-six beating the other Les (Hall) on countback with a superior closing six holes. Alan Sullivan is finally playing the kind of golf we know he is capable of and took third place with thirty-five points. Most grafted hard and the scoring overall was of a good standard in the conditions. Les Cobban took two near pins and one each to the usual suspects Geoff Parker and Jimmy Carr.
Sometimes on a golf course, you hear some of the most profound statements. Today Barry Murnin was heard to exclaim “look at all the grass” as if surprised to see grass on a golf course. He was, of course, referring to the height and thickness of the rough which had not been cut for some time due to the wet weather.

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