Monday 11th December Mountain Shadow ”Club Championship”


Monday 11th December
Mountain Shadow
1st Keith Hemmings (21) 35 points
2nd Geoff Bracegirdle ((16) 35 points (0n countback
3rd Mike Lloyd (19) 34 points
4th Geoff Parker (14) 33 points
Near pins. Geoff Parker, Keith Norman, Keith Hemmings
Today we saw the first real evidence of high season golf at Mountain Shadow, with the course crowded and the pace of play slow, close to five hours to complete the round. The course was in good condition but one could see how without some rain soon it will become very brown and patchy. Conditions for golf were excellent with a clear blue sky and a nice cooling breeze blowing.
A field of nineteen competed so only one flight. Keith Hemmings was the winner on the day with thirty-five points taking the honours on countback from Geoff Bracegirdle. Third went to Mike Lloyd who was cruising until the closing holes when he collapsed and only scored on one of the last five holes. Geoff Parker brought up the rear with thirty-three points. With only two days to the first round of the Club Championship, it was hard to take away any pointers from today’s round, none of the favorites showed much today so we will just have to wait and see what happens on Wednesday at Greenwood and Friday at Bangpra.

Wednesday, December 13th
Greenwood Golf Club
1st Round of Club Championship
A Flight
1st Michael Brett (16) Net 71
2nd Geoff Cox (17) Net 72
3rd Stuart Brown (10) Net 73
B Flight
1st Mike Lloyd (19) Net 67
2nd Ken Davidson (24) Net 68
3rd Keith Hemmings (21) Net 71
Near Pins, Lee Butler, Richard Baldotto, Mike Lloyd
The first round of the Club Championship was held in beautiful weather at the popular Greenwood Course. Despite there being another society on the course we managed to avoid them and our game was played at a good pace without any delays. There was a problem on the first fairway for our first group when Peter Allen’s golf cart got to the middle of the fairway and refused to go any further resulting in a bit of unnecessary disruption for the first two groups. A replacement was found and there were no further problems, however, that was not the end of Peters problems who went to the range yesterday and left all his good shots there, in reality, Peter had a Barry Crocker today. As always the course was in good condition and with only a light cooling breeze blowing conditions were perfect for good scoring. All those in the winners circle posted good scores, the best being Mike Lloyd in B flight with an excellent score of net sixty-seven, followed by Ken Davidson on sixty-eight and Keith Hemmings on seventy-one. In the A flight, the scores weren’t quite so good with Michael Brett taking first on net seventy-one, followed by Geoff Cox on seventy-two and Stuart Brown on seventy-three. Near pins to Lee Butler, Richard Baldotto, and Mike Lloyd. There are a number of players not on the scoresheet today who could throw up a challenge on Friday at Bangpra for the second round, so good luck trying to pick a winner.
Friday 15th December
2nd Round of Club Championship
A Flight
1st Geoff Cox (17) 35 points
2nd Colin Greig (10) 33 points
3rd Alan Sullivan (16) 32 points
B Flight
1st Lewis Greig (26) 41 points
2nd Ken Davidson (24) 36 points
3rd Murray Greig (21) 34 points
Near Pins
Dave Ashman, Les Cobban, Gordon Melia, Geoff Cox.
Club Championship winner Ken Davidson
The second round of the club championship was played under bright sunny skies at the Bangpra course. The course was in fine condition but the temperature and humidity were both high and fatigue became a factor by the end of the round. The winner of the club championship was Ken Davidson who put together two good rounds and played solidly all the way through, aided by a magic putter that seemed incapable of missing and confirming the old adage “drive for show putt for dough”. None of the more fancied golfers were able to match it with Ken and fell away, in particular, Mike Lloyd who was in the lead at the start of the day and had his chances but faltered at crucial times. It was a golden day for the Greig family with Colin and his two sons Murray and Lewis all appearing in the winner’s circle.

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