Monday, January.22, 2018


Monday, January.22, 2018

Today we headed down the 36 to Emerald Golf Course. After dealing in the last couple weeks with some courses being short on caddies, lockers, or even buggies. It was nice to see we did not have this problem at Emerald. But we were delayed 40 minutes on our start time. The course was jammed. Such is life with high season golf.
Once we got going it seemed to move along at great pace. The course was in good shape, greens were not overly quick and people seemed to have good starts. But this was one of our monthly medals and by the end of the game, we had 7 no return golf cards out of 23 that golfed. Not the case for Bob Cowell though as he plowed through the course with no issues and came in with a Net 69 off a 6 handicap or Eddie Kelly who handed in a stellar performance of Net 71 off a 19 handicap and not going to forget a mention of Neil Griffin’s Net 72 off a 27 handicap. Well done lads! The case for golfer of the month is still close and there’s going to be a good battle until the end.

1st- Bob Cowell (6) Net 69
2nd- Eddie Kelly (19) Net 71
3rd- Neil Griffin (27) Net 72
4th- Colin Greig (10) Net 73
5th- Neil Carter (14) Net 73
Closest to Pins
Bob Cowell, Ken Elmore, Tony Berry, Neil Carter.

Wednesday, January. 24th, 2018

We found our way to Pleasant Valley today and most of us look forward to visiting PV as it’s usually in good shape and all enjoy their day. We weren’t disappointed. Tee off was smooth as was the pace of play. Had some big scores come through though.
We’ll start by mentioning that a gent that does not come around much joined us and he destroyed the course, in a good way. Was sinking nice puts, accurate drives and was on point with his irons. Everything fell into place for Takeshi Hakozaki(14) with a Stableford score of 42 points! Well done! Right behind Takeshi was Geoff Parker(15) with a 41. Great game Geoff! Seems Geoff’s new irons he recently acquired are working out nicely. But we can’t forget this month’s front-runner for Golfer of the Month, again! Colin Greig(10) who once again shows he is not going to give up his crown without a fight. Colin came in with a very respectable round of 37 and that almost guarantees him to be on top for GOM for January. Followed by in a close call with 36 points was Keith Norman(15) who seems to be coming into form before next months Memorial Tournament.
Near pins by Keith Norman, Colin Greig and Neil Carter x 2

1st- Takashi Hakozaki(14)- 42 points
2nd- Geoff Parker(15)- 41 Points
3rd- Colin Greig(10)- 37 points
4th- Keith Norman(15)- 36 Points

Friday, January. 26, 2018

Oh, what a great day we had today as the Bunker Boys were in full force to take on Royal Lakeside. A good number of lads participated on a beautiful golf day. Greens were perfect, fairways nicely groomed and quite a few good scores came in.
Start by saying Neil Carter seemed to be on a mission, been struggling with his new irons and his usual consistent drives have not been there until today. Hit almost every fairway, 7 pars in a row finishing with a very good 38 points. Richard Baldotto has been keen on gaining ground for Golfer if the month and handed a card in with 35 points (18 on back 9) winning 2nd on a count back over Neil Griffin who had 35 (17 On back 9) to claim 3rd. We had another 35 (12 on back 9) by Alan Sullivan who put up a 23 on the front 9 to take 4th. But we can’t forget Stuart Brown who grabbed 5th with a nice 34 points. All in all a great day out at Royal Lakeside.

1st- Neil Carter (14)- 38 points
2nd- Richard Baldotto (24) – 35 points
3rd- Neil Griffin (27)- 35 points
4th- Alan Sullivan (15)- 35 points
5th- Stuart Brown

Closest to Pins

Keith Norman, Colin Greig, Stuart Brown

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